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Joint PPREW / SSP Workshop
Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City, Los Angeles, CA
ACM ICPS December 8, 2015
Collocated with ACSAC 2015

Accepted Papers

OpSeq: Android Malware Fingerprinting
Aisha Ali-Gombe, Irfan Ahmed, Golden G. Richard III, and Vassil Roussev

Best Paper Award: Lightweight Heuristics to Retrieve Parameter Associations from Binaries
Franck de Goër de Herve, Roland Groz and Laurent Mounier

Pinpointing and Hiding Surprising Fragments in an Obfuscated Program
Yuichiro Kanzaki, Clark Thomborson, Akito Monden and Christian Collberg

Flowtables: Program Skeletal Inversion for Defeat of Interprocedural Analysis with Unique Metamorphism
Luke Jones, Ryan Whelan, Jeremy Blackthorne and Graham Baker

A Complement to Enhanced Instruction Register File against Embedded Software Falsification
Naoki Fujieda, Kiyohiro Sato and Shuichi Ichikawa

Enriching Reverse Engineering through Visual Exploration of Android Binaries
Ashutosh Jain, Hugo Gonzalez and Natalia Stakhanova

Repeatable Reverse Engineering with PANDA
Timothy Leek, Brendan Dolan-Gavitt, Josh Hodosh, Patrick Hulin and Ryan Whelan

InputFinder: Reverse Engineering Closed Binaries via Side Channels
Bogdan Copos and Praveen Murthy