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  PPREW 2013

3rd ACM SIGPLAN Program Protection and
Reverse Engineering Workshop (PPREW 2014)

The US Grant, San Diego, CA
January 25, 2014
Collocated with POPL 2014

Keynote Speakers

At this year's workshop we are fortunate to hear from several leading researchers in industry and academia who have made significant contributions to the field of software protection and analysis.

Michael Costello, Research Scientist, Red Balloon Security

Michael Costello is a research scientist at Red Balloon Security (RBS), a firm that develops security products and services for embedded systems.  Many of the technologies being developed at RBS are based upon the Software Symbiote, a host-base defense invented in the Intrusion Detection Systems lab at Columbia University.   Michael came to RBS from Columbia where he received his Master of Science in Computer Science and then worked as research scientist.  He also holds bachelors degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics from Bucknell University. 

Prior to starting graduate school, Michael spent a decade in the networking industry, which included work as a network engineer for a regional ISP, founder and owner of a wireless ISP and associate director of an academic IT department.  He has published on firmware modification attacks, discovered two major vulnerabilities in Cisco IP phones and spoken on various topics including polyspecies malware propagation.   .

Stephen Magill, Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA)

Stephen Magill is a research scientist at the IDA Center for Computing Sciences (CCS), a federally funded research and development center that assists the United States Government in addressing important national security issues. He received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University, where he developed Thor, a tool for automatic program analysis using separation logic that is capable of verifying a rich combination of program properties including memory safety, termination, and arithmetic. He will be discussing Cinquecento, a language for debugging and other program inspection tasks developed at CCS.

Axel Simon, Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM)

Dr. Axel Simon is on faculty with TU Munich and has a rich research history in program analysis and protection.  He is author of the book "Value-Range Analysis of C Programs" and has published several journals and peer reviewed papers on semantics and formal analysis of programs. His research group currently supports the Generic Decoder Specification Language (GDSL) Toolkit, which generates frontends for the analysis of executable code and is meant as a common platform to specify instruction decoders and translations into intermediate representations. It consists of a compiler from a domain specific language called GDSL to C (other target languages can be added) and several decoders and semantic translations.